Publication of the list of 2,051 schools and colleges selected for MPO registration. // এমপিওভুক্তির জন্য নির্বাচিত ২ হাজার ৫১টি স্কুলের তালিকা প্রকাশ // MPO

A list of 2,051 schools and colleges selected for the new MPO registry has been released. The list includes 6 junior high schools, 1,122 high schools, 138 senior high schools, 109 senior high schools, and 16 graduate colleges.

The list of 1122 secondary schools selected for readers was presented to readers.

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According to the ministry, matters related to the salaries, assignments and discipline of teachers and staff will be implemented in accordance with the manpower structure and policy MPO-2021 of private educational institutions (schools and colleges). The qualifications or experience of the professors and staff of the institution in question will be applicable in accordance with the contracting rules and regulations and the corresponding circular.

Teachers and employees legally designated prior to the introduction of teacher registration will have the opportunity to register with the MPO. The registration certificate must be applicable for MPO registration of subsequently recruited teachers.

If the institution considered for MPO registration does not maintain the desired qualifications under the policy, that institution's MPO will be suspended. The issue of release of the suspended MPO will be considered at a later date if the desired rating is achieved.

If the information on the basis of which the educational institution has been registered as an MPO is proven to be incorrect or false, legal action will be taken against the institution that provided the information, including cancellation of the MPO. This order for the MPO registration of educational institutions shall be effective from the date of issuance.

The Ministry of Education further said that if any institution thinks it has been removed from the preliminary list even though it is eligible, it can appeal within 15 days with the joint signature of the head of the institution and the chairman of the committee. You must apply together with the Secretary of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education. The ministry will resolve the appeal after a hearing within 15 days.